Mr. Kurz - Muay Thai?

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Mr. Kurz - Muay Thai?

Postby abcd » Feb 18, 2009 16:51

Hello Mr. Kurz and people of

I have read about shin & thigh hardening for low kick on the internet, but could not find anything "scientific"...
Only peoples opinions for and against hardening..

About shin: if you can harden it with ex. "a peace of wood", hidding your shins all over.... or if it would do damage for when you get older...??

About Thighs: (for when you get hit with low kick), how can you harden thigh muscle...

I train muay thai.. but its way different from how they do in THailand... Is there anyone (MR.KURZ) who have a scientific answer to what happens on bone and muscle, and how you can harden them... By killing nerves? -but would this have any negative effect on body for now and when you get older...

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