Is Martial Arts Difficult or Not ?

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Is Martial Arts Difficult or Not ?

Postby Bangwa » Sep 08, 2011 01:33

Hi Guys....

I have to ask from you people that Is Martial Arts is the difficult to do or not because i have decided to start it very soon. I need your suggestions upon it .

Re: Is Martial Arts Difficult or Not ?

Postby dragon » Sep 08, 2011 04:15

I think it would depend on each individuals definiton of difficult.

A cage fighter may find the acrobatic techniques and the amount of different routines in a martial art like Wu Shu to be difficult to perform/remember....

A Wu Shu practitioner who only performs in solo events/forms may find the full contact of cage fighting difficult.

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Re: Is Martial Arts Difficult or Not ?

Postby Muhammad » Oct 01, 2011 13:34

In my opinion
not at all , you may feel like it's difficult in the first time , but later when you get used on it , you will enjoy every single hour of training
good luck
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