Skateboarding, injuries, and flexibility

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Skateboarding, injuries, and flexibility

Postby Sk8nDestroy » May 31, 2013 04:09

Hi. This question is for Thomas Kurz and anybody else who wants to share their thoughts. I'm a first-time poster here. Skateboarding is my primary discipline. Please give your thoughts on how I incorporate your stretching techniques into skateboarding.

I warm up with jumping jacks, knee lifts for hip flexibility, ankle circles to get them warmed up, and maybe some leg swings, too. Hip flexibility is essential in skateboarding, but mine are underdeveloped. Sometimes I'll do push-ups, but not often.

I'll skate hard for one to two hours, with considerable breaks in between. A typical session includes jumping maneuvers (ollies), squatting and straightening the legs, to gain speed riding curved surfaces, and falling. A lot. Bruises and swelling are common.

I massage later in the day with an electric massager. This helps with recovery so much, that it's now essential for me. How can I do static stretching effectively while minding these injuries?
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