Leg Stretchining and Hip pain

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Leg Stretchining and Hip pain

Postby roby » Aug 15, 2013 08:28


im 23 years old and started training Muay Thai since one year. I dropped 20kg of weight so now im 189cm with 80kg.
Ive got some problems with the round side kick in my muay thai class.I have pain on die side of the hip.

After a while of hoping it will go away i went to the orthopedic doctor. He told me everything is perfect with my hips.

I was trieing to stretch 5-7 days a week static. Mostly the legs and the hip flexors. Then i read some papers and started doing in the morning and evening dynamic exercises ( leg lift - front, side and back ) every day.
I know that the back of my legs are to short. Its not possible for me to sit in the V-sit and reach forward and i cannot reach the ground with my fingers from the stand. ..And my kicking problem i think is a problem Mr. Kurz was describing in his articles about the hip position.

If i would stand with foots apart the double shoulder length, foots pointing forward and lean forward to reach the ground with my fingers i got pain in the side of the hip... could be piriformis muscle ?

I don’t know how to go on. Making strength exercises and continue stretching every day ? Stretching isometric , dynamic or static ?

Is there a book, DVD ...., that could help me ? I need somethink like a master plan :D :)

Hopefully someone can understand my bad english and can help me :P

Greetings from Germany
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