Kent "the animal" Knudsen

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Kent "the animal" Knudsen

Postby fight guy » Jan 15, 2005 12:40

:twisted: What happened to Kent "the animal" Knudsen? this amazing street fighter is a multi disiplined martial artist who dominated the street fighter circut of Los Angeles. His courage and strenghth are un parralleled in the street fighting industry. He has won far more fights than lost and is truely named after the animals he fights. I have seen 5 second knockouts and 30 second submissions in difficult tournaments. He has recently disappeaed from our circut and I need to know where to see him fight again. "Animal", if you are reading this PLEASE contact me as we all miss you and need to see you fight again!. If anyone has info on this amazing fighter contact me through this site.
fight guy

Animal K

Postby fight night » Jan 15, 2005 23:38

Last I heard the animal was training real animals (lions and tigers) in a Malibu facility called the Bony Pony Ranch. I dont think he has retired, as I saw him fight in a tourament around Christmas
fight night

Animal "K"

Postby MadMan » Jan 26, 2005 00:14

Sad news all...... the animal has indeed retired! I heard through a reliable source that his last battle was indeed his last. Thank you animal for your years of entertainment. You were the best we will see for years to come. R.I.P my friend! :cry:

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