few questions about the books and videos

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few questions about the books and videos

Postby chompy » Aug 31, 2005 18:32


Im sorry if im not creative enough with the search tool or something, but i got these few questions which propably wont hurt noone anyway. :P

One day i was watching these acrobatic martial arts tricking videos and just suddenly got this inspiration to learn some of those tricks (and to improve my physical health anyways)! Well, it really isnt enough for im not in too good shape. Or pherhaps in average, for someone who doesnt do sports too actively. Well, i got all the motivation and commitment, then i started looking for guidance to get in some shape without crippling myself mortally or anything lol :E

So, i started checking out for local martial arts classes and stretching guides n stuff. But, when i found out those products they got here, i found all of them intresting. The ones im most intrested are:
secrets of stretching, stretching scientifically, essential strength and jumpin ability for all sports and the science of sports training: how to plan and control training for peak performance.
I found out that they should be pretty ok material, worth them money, but the prob is that i really dont have the money for all of them. :( so, i had to come and ask you ppl:

Is there alot of diffirence in the content of those stretching guides? I thought about ordering the book, but is there any important information i really could use, in the video, or are they pretty much the same? Or is the video the better option afterall?

I thought about getting all the mentioned books first and then the rest when i pherhaps get more dough someday. So, what do you guys think about whether i should get the books or should i leave something out and get something instead? The main focus is in flexibility and general health and stuff to support the ability for tricking.

And then this stupid question but i gotta be sure, so i wont go bankrupt or anything with this: I understood the stadion's postal fees are the same all over the globe, outside the us, like: 8$ for the first product and 4$ per one for the rest. So as an example, if i got 2 products, its like 12$ and thats it, eh? Did i get it all wrong or did i miss anything important?

Thanks in advance!
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Postby dragon » Sep 01, 2005 05:24

You didn't say whether you managed to find a martial arts class.All the items you mention are guides.You should still seek out a competent instructor to teach you in person.

"secrets of stretching, stretching scientifically, essential strength and jumpin ability for all sports and the science of sports training: how to plan and control training for peak performance."

Secrets of Stretching(the DVD/video) shows stretching techniques(dynamic,isometric,and relaxed) and strengthening exercises.This would be useful to you as a visual aid if you've never seen these exercises before.
Stretching Scientifically(the book) goes into greater detail about the theory of stretching and shows more variety of stretches.
Never read/seen the Essential Strength And Jumping Ability one so i can't comment.
The Science Of Sports Training(book) is useful for planning your training routines.This book shows no exercises(stretches,weight training,etc),so if you don't already have some kind of foundation/routine this book may seem confusing.

I read the shipping prices and would assume the same as you:-$8 for the first product,$4 extra for each additional item.
Never ordered multiple items before from Stadion though.

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Postby Maxim » Sep 07, 2005 08:31

If you can only affort one item, just get "Science of Sports Training...", you could also buy used books.
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Postby chompy » Sep 07, 2005 08:47

thanks alot dragon! u been a great help and maxim thanks for the advise too.
now i know of which i could use the most at first and what could i get later if needed. thanks!
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