unknown stadion video

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unknown stadion video

Postby backinjured » Oct 24, 2005 17:03

I've just seen a preview of a video of Thomas Kurz and Stadion Enterprises but I can't find that video on the website of stadion. At the beggining it says

Thomas Kurz M.Sc
Mark Bazylko M.Sc
Mark Drozdzowski

It seems an older version of the new Secrets of Stretching video ( http://www.stadion.com/secrets.html )

I'd like to know what is that video and where could I buy it?

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Postby Kit » Oct 25, 2005 20:33

not sure - but is this the video?
Down here in australia it seems they only sell this old tape. I had to order the 'Secrets of Stretching' video from Stadion directly.
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Postby backinjured » Oct 25, 2005 21:06

Nice, it's that one! Thanks
(I wasn't sure because the Stretching Scientifically is a title of the book and also the video) but the other info (length and description of the tape) proves it.
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