my kickboxing fight video

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my kickboxing fight video

Postby BOy2K » Dec 18, 2006 10:31

i managed to get my first fight online and thought you guys
might fancy a look.

LeeKerr Vs Alex Waterfield
SAMA AKBA Fight Night Oct 28th Oct 2006

part 1
part 2

all comments/feedback welcome
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wich one is you?

Postby Brad_Lake » Dec 18, 2006 19:16

Hi bud,

wich one is you? tell me i watched the movies twice. Bith guys need more training in combination skills, speed and boxing techniques. A lot of situations where u can punch combinations and uppercuts. hope u will train hard for next fight! develop urself.

tell me please how u did ur signature with the picture i tried this but i dont understand how to do this...

Thx Bye
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Postby BOy2K » Dec 21, 2006 05:45

lo brad
yeah i know what to expect now from a fight. ive been training hard but i only had 5 weeks to prepare for that one. so hopefully i can move on
from here and build on what i got. fighting is so difernt from training
its almost like a difernt martial art. sudenly your back at being a red belt.

im going to focus on my fittness and combinations now so hopefully i will
be alot better next time.

on im lee 'the bad boy' kerr hehe (blue gloves)

p.s. i made the sig in photoshop/imageready. you can download paintshop pro for free and it does the same thing. if you just want to use a pic then do the following
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Rehab is for quitters!
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