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Postby Guest » Nov 27, 2004 16:46

how can I contact Thomas Kurz to ask him some quetions, he's not answering in this forum...

Postby Guest » Nov 28, 2004 11:41

yeah,where the heck is he?PLz answer...

Postby wynnema » Nov 29, 2004 13:23

i would imagine that Tom is quite a busy guy.

You should appreciate that he gives his advice here for free.
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Postby guy12345 » Nov 29, 2004 18:46

Well it seems he doesnt give any advices here. I bought his book, it's not so free, but i have some good questions he could add to his next edition or i don't know. I believe if he start a forum, he could answer a bit or let a email address where we could directly ask him some serious good questions.

Postby Kit » Nov 29, 2004 19:48

Are you blind? Try a simple search and you will see that Tom does drop in and answer questions. Try a search (see the button above?) and you'll see he in fact is a regular contributor.

By the way, what question is it you want answered anyway? I see accusation, but no question here...!
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Postby mmeloon » Nov 30, 2004 14:39

I can't believe you are complaining about how often Kurz provides information. Not only is there a rediculous amount of information on the stadion web site (see his column in TaeKwonDo Times) but he does indeed have an email list where he answers questions. You need to do some more looking around the stadion website to find out how to get questions answered. This forum is simply one of several avenues for communicating with him. I don't know of too many other authors who are as accessable as Mr. Kurz.

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Postby Mendel » Sep 07, 2005 19:49

Agreed...He does answer his email if posted in the right place. Try some of the other topics. He is always dropping in here and there to give info.

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