Praise for Mr. Kurz

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Praise for Mr. Kurz

Postby Dean » Aug 22, 2005 02:49

I just wanted to say that what Mr. Kurz has done here is a great thing. After reading 32 of his columns in the last 2 days I've learned a great deal and am eager to read more. I even started reading his "Science of Sports Training" since he refers to it so often and I ordered the book on squats and the book on Explosive power and kicking ability that he recommended in one of his columns. I've totally rethought my workouts and am eager to start over (no huge ego here). I look forward to getting some great results and will definitely keep you posted and hope to send you a picture when I am able to do the splits on chairs. Thank you for the work you do in helping martial artists reach their potential by disseminating this information. My hat is off to you.
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