Anothe suggestion for Mr.Kurz

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Anothe suggestion for Mr.Kurz

Postby dragon » Jan 21, 2006 06:49

As there are many people who ask about advice on how to structure a training routine maybe there could be a link when you click on a members name that takes you to a workout log(much the same as on bodybuilding forums).
This way you could update your own routine when needed and other people would be able view that member's training methods.

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Postby CrazyBoy » Jan 21, 2006 07:42

Interesting, but that would mean that we should "reveal" our training methods 8). No seriously that's very interesting. We could improve each other.
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Postby dglover » Jan 25, 2006 00:00

Good idea. Since phpBB is a "turn-key" solution, for the most part, it might be easier to set up a new topic called "Member Routines".

But it wouldn't take a lot of work to add a new a field in the "profile" area and if it exists, show a routine button that would go directly to the information.
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Postby BOy2K » Jan 25, 2006 05:29

awesome idea!
if only i had some more time i could probobally code it.
i will see if i can free up some time
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Postby dragon » Jan 25, 2006 06:29

Seeing as i'm completely useless with computers i have absolutley no idea what you guys are talking about!
I'll take your word for it that it's possible though.
I understand this is something Mr.Kurz and Stadion would have to give the go ahead to.

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