wonder when the DVD on acrobatic tumbling will come out.

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wonder when the DVD on acrobatic tumbling will come out.

Postby piyushj » Jun 19, 2006 13:40

it is written at site "A few more weeks and you will.."
biut i just can't seem to wait :wink: ..
Kurz sir, hope everything is going fine...any expected date?
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Postby ff89 » Sep 15, 2006 07:34

What's new with the DVD on acrobatic tumbling?
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Postby ff89 » Oct 19, 2006 13:46

We are in mid-October...and the dvd was expected to be here...

"A few more weeks and you will.."

from 31 August to 19 October are more than a few weeks, right?
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Postby mmeloon » Oct 20, 2006 16:45

Why on earth did you guys start a brand new topic instead of appending your comments to the existing thread?

As far as an answer to your question, why not email Mr. Kurz directly?

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Postby ff89 » Nov 06, 2006 18:05

Sorry, I just posted in the first thread I saw on this.
I think that a General Discussion forum on Stadion's product is the right place to talk about new things.

I dont want to annoying mr. kurtz with tons of emails... if he want, he will answer the question here...no?
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wonder when the DVD on acrobatic

Postby Thomas Kurz » Nov 08, 2006 10:19

The DVD is with our replicator now and on Monday I should see a sample disc. If all is well the replicator will proceed with pressing discs and we will have our Acrobatic Tumbling DVD in stock around November 20th.

The main cause of delay in getting this DVD ready for replication was my idea of including a bonus--a video of a workout for the general public, conducted by the same coach who teaches tumbling on our DVD. This extra video, for reasons still unknown, caused playback and navigation problems. After several tries and test discs I gave up and told our video authoring guy to drop this bonus video. Finally the DVD played with no problems so we could send it to the replicator.

I really wanted to add this bonus video of the workout for two reasons:

1. It shows how regular people, who are too old or not talented enough to be competitive acrobats, learn somersaults and other tumbling skills quickly, while having fun.

2. It shows warm-up and flexibility exercises for acrobatics that viewers of our DVD could incorporate into their workouts.

Alas, we could not make the DVD work with this bonus--too much data crammed on the DVD, I guess.

BTW, I'll post this answer in the old thread too.
Thomas Kurz
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