Why is this forum so DEAD?

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Why is this forum so DEAD?

Postby pliskin » Jul 25, 2007 16:14

So why is it? I saw that a year or two ago there were new posts every hour daily, and look at it now. There is no one posting on stadion.com's forum. So maybe i am a little bit slow but what is it about, is there a better stretching forum, maybe people do not interested in stretching any more (kinda doubt that) :lol: . Is Thomas Kurz dead? I cannot find any clues that his aware of this forum anymore. Just curious, nothing more. I guess, that either to this post will never be replied any more, so i am just writing to myself. Many greetings!! Holahooo!!!
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Postby Kit » Aug 10, 2007 00:53

yes it is all quiet...!
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Postby mmeloon » Sep 12, 2007 13:56

I was one of the most frequent posters here in years past so I'll just relate my own story. I've just been overwhelmed with a lot of things (don't worry -- these are good things) in my life this year so posting to internet forums has dropped completely off my list of priorities. While I have continued to perform my tae kwon do workouts, my aerobic kickboxing has been very sporadic and I haven't been weight training in months. That's not to say that I'm walking around with a big fat gut these days, but my conditioning is not at a level where I feel comfortable posting my opinions.

If you take a look at the member list and sort by number of posts, you'll see that there are only nine members with over 100 posts. If a few of those individuals -- like myself -- drop away, you can see how the forum would quickly quiet down.

I'll try to pop in now and then, but I'm not going to be a regular contributor for the next several months at least.

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Postby pliskin » Sep 13, 2007 06:44

mmeloon, i am really glad that you are still with us. I spent many times reading this forum and it definetely payed off and i have read many of your posts, they are really helpful. Good to know that they are still people here who can help you and give you some good advices.
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