Praise for "Clinic on stretching and kicking"

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Praise for "Clinic on stretching and kicking"

Postby ChenZhen » Dec 02, 2007 11:04

Dear Mr Kurz,

last week i received your "clinic on stretching" and the "power high kicks" dvds and i already watched them several times. while both of them are great and worth every cent i must say i'm really blown away by the "clinic on kicking" dvd. everytime i watch it i discover new important info and details about correct technique, especially your description of the roundhouse kick (and why and how to chamber it the right way) is fantastic. and by the way, your comments on the students' techniques are also quite entertaining ;-)
i can't wait to heal and try everything!
thanks for making these great products!

i still got one question that i wanted to ask since watching your "secrets of stretching" for the first time and i didn't find an answer to it in my new dvds:
in the side raise, the position of the upper body is quite different from an actual roundhouse and/or side kick (meaning no back-lean, not in one line with the legs), could you please explain why this method is superior to other dynamic side raises that mimic the real kicking positions where one leans back and the whole body is in one line (for example pavel tsatsouline teaches it that way)?

thanks again & best wishes
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Praise for "Clinic on stretching and kicking"

Postby Thomas Kurz » Dec 03, 2007 18:17

The answer to your question is shown on both Secrets of Stretching DVD and on Clinic on Stretching and Kicking DVD--you just need to watch them carefully. Actually, on the Clinic DVD I explicitly point out the similarity between leg and hip alignment in the horse-riding stance (kiba dachi or mabu) and the leg raise to the side (yoko keage).
This alignment makes both the side raise and the side split easy on the hips and knees. After you learn to do these two techniques in this way, you can easily extend your legs so they look straight. There are more benefits to the alignment I teach. Some are shown on the Clinic DVD, and others I might explain in future, on another DVD.

About the way Pavel Tsatsouline's stretching and flexibility training: I will begin paying attention to what he teaches when he shows at least the flexibility and strength that my customers show. So far, you show more strength at the greater stretch than he does--so why do you care?

BTW, I am glad that you like both DVDs. May I quote you in Stadion's advertising?

Best regards,
Thomas Kurz
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Thomas Kurz
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Postby ChenZhen » Dec 04, 2007 05:59

dear mr kurz,

thank you for your answer!

of course, feel free to quote my words, you made such a great product!

best wishes
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