Struggling with side splits

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Struggling with side splits

Postby REG » Aug 02, 2018 16:44

Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I was here on this forum. Overtime, I've gotten stronger, faster, bigger, leaner, and gained more stamina over the years. Also, my hamstring flexibility has definitely improve as well. I need to work on improve my hip flexor flexibility and front splits a lot. However, my side splits have not really made any progress and I've been doing that stretch consistently about 3-4 times a week for over 7 months. Also, tried doing the single leg raise to the side stretch on a support bar, but it only seem to make the increase in flexibility in my adductors temporary. I've even tried doing the isometrics horse stance splits, but I get too sore the following days after doing them on my leg day.

Currently, I've doing been the Westside for Skinny bastards Speed and Strength training template for a few months. ... rds-part3/

Plus, I do a lot of running on Wednesdays and Saturdays (or Sundays) and do martial arts training 3-4 times a week.

I am aware that Mr. Kurz has mentioned in his articles and Stretching Scientifically book, to have a sufficiently strong back, hips, and legs for the most physically demanding stretches, that you need to deep squat at least your bodyweight at least ten times, stiffed-legged deadlift at least 2 times your bodyweight, and hanging leg raises for at least ten reps, and be able to do at least hundred bodyweight squats per set, and hundreds of crunches without extra resistance.

I weigh 163 lbs. and these are my current strength records for each of the following exercises (without using a weight lifting belt):
1. Stiffed-legged more than 330 lbs. comfortably with good form.
2. squat bellow parallel (powerlifting depth) 270 lbs. on the barbell x 10 reps per set
3. hanging leg raises for 3 x 10
4. 200 bicycle crunches per set
3. 100 bodyweight squats per set

My best ever Powerlifting PRs have been:

1. Squat below parallel: 360 lbs.
2. Bench Press: 240 lbs.
3. Conventional deadlift: 480 lbs.
4. Standing OH Press: 155 lbs.

Furthermore, I usually stretch after each of my martial arts working and weight training workouts (especially after each leg workout). For each stretching session, I only do three stretches: single leg hamstring stretch (either lying down or standing up), the splits, and lay back quad stretch. For each stretch, I hold the stretch for 30-60 sec. per set for 3-4 sets.

So what am I doing wrong? I would very much appreciate any useful help from you guys.
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