Running machine

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Running machine

Postby Jimbo » Mar 28, 2008 14:45

I've been using a running machine at a gym for the last 3 months for aerobic and anaerobic endurance. I've noticed a reduction in my flexibility where roundhouse kicks are concerned. Even waist height feels uncomfortable and my inner thighs and hips feel 'tight'.

Mr Kurz advocates running as an aid to flexibility; as I mainly jog and not sprint or take long strides ( the anaerobic stages are provided by the machine inclining), could this be why it doesnt seem to assist?

To be honest I didnt expect much improvement- it wasnt why I was using the machine. However I didnt expect more tightness to my already limited range of flexibility !

Also, can anyone explain full 'Range of Movement' (ROM).
If an exercise is good for flexibility, and does not harm it, I understand that it must have full ROM. If an exercise has a full range of movement for the legs, then surely it would involve the legs moving to and fro, or to the sides to the full extent permitted by the (current) range of flexibility.
Does running really do this - a cross trainer doesnt and what about skipping ?? Can anyone assist in explaining the ROM term ?


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Postby cailifo » Mar 30, 2008 20:22

depends on how you run. jogging probably wont do it for full rom.

in the beginning of the dvd "secrets of stretching" it shows a clip of running saying "make long strides. you want flexibility not speed".
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Re: Running machine

Postby tyciol » Oct 10, 2008 23:48

It can aid stretching, but it does cause muscle tension which does need to be stretched out. If you're stretching less due to the running then it's bad. It's like something you do to warm up before stretching, or for general fitness at clearing lactic acid or whatever.
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