Rule of thumb - 2 shoulder widths apart?

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Rule of thumb - 2 shoulder widths apart?

Postby davidbarrack » Jan 20, 2009 15:26

I have only been following your program for a few weeks and have fairly good flexibility but never thought I could do the splits so I am now trying. I am able to do the split isometrics with my legs about 2 should lengths apart and your book states that at that point I should be getting close to doing the splits. I find however that I still have quite a ways to do. I am still at least 1 foot above the ground. Any small amount downward seems very difficult so I do not push it and just keep doing the isometrics (every other day with rest in between). Is this normal? Most of the tightness seems to be in my hip flexors. Right now I do adductor flys but at this point only 2 sets of 50. After 50 I start to strain some so as recommended I back off.

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Re: Rule of thumb - 2 shoulder widths apart?

Postby CSta » Jan 22, 2009 14:36

Have you properly conditioned your legs and core to safely handle the isometrics?
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