cybex adductor machine

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cybex adductor machine

Postby davidbarrack » Feb 19, 2009 02:42

I am working towards the 100 adductor flys a day and tried out a cybex adductor machine at our gym and it seemed to have a wide range of motion. Why are these machines viewed as ineffective or even dangerous? I felt I worked both strength, endurance, and flexibility on the machine. Can't this be very complementary to adductor flys lying on the back along with other exercises (dynamic stretching, horse stance squats, etc)?
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Re: cybex adductor machine

Postby SimonG » Feb 19, 2009 20:22

Hello David,

Personally, I am not aware of anything claiming these machines as dangerous or ineffective, provided they allow you to exercise against resistance through the full range of motion. I suspect you are confusing this machine with the myriad of stretching machines available on the market which Tom Kurz advocates against, not because of any danger, but simply because they are a waste of money. The number of testimonials on this website of people that have achieved great results without the use of such machines is evidence of this.

To answer your question, any resistance exercise that allows you to work throught the full range of motion can be complementary, but as you have identified, it should be in addition to the exercises detailed within Stretching Scientifically, not as a replacement to them. The other issue to be considered is the efficiency aspect of your training. If you are introducing additional exercises, you may achieve the same results but not necessarily as efficently. Only you can determine how important this aspect is for you.
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