handstand side split drills

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handstand side split drills

Postby isometric_max » Aug 18, 2010 11:11

good morning
my goal is the full side split with active muscle utilization (like handstand side split)
there are a specific drills for this
best regards
max from Italy
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Re: handstand side split drills

Postby tyciol » Oct 15, 2010 13:01

When you say there are drills for this, do you know them, or are you asking what they might be?

I imagine that due to the lower center of gravity and staggered limbs (like holding arms out to sides) it might be easier to balance with legs splayed compared to straight up. It seems like it might let you better focus on stabilizing with your core/spinal flexor/extensor/lateral flexor muscles and lessen the reliance on the hip muscles to balance if they stay in a roughly same position.
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