Lotus mastery question

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Lotus mastery question

Postby NightHeron » Oct 25, 2010 22:27

Hello. Having spent years meditating on chairs and couches while either sitting normally or in the so-called "easy cross-legged" position, I have made up my mind to work towards mastering the Lotus posture for greater stability during meditation. All the recommended yoga exercises I have tried over the years have not yielded much benefit to me in acquiring the Lotus.

Am I right in thinking the exercises needed to develop the side split as discussed in Mr Kurtz's book and on this site are a a good starting point? I understand one has to "open" the hips, so as to rotate from the hips in assuming the Lotus pose, and thus avoid injuring the knees. I am little past middle age, and do not expect instant results.

Thanks for reading this.
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