Question on reducing tendon stiffness

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Question on reducing tendon stiffness

Postby REG » Jan 18, 2012 04:36

Hello everyone, I have a question pertaining to reducing the stiffness of tendons. I have diligently studied the spring 2008 issue from the Stadion Newsletter section which talked all about tendons. Mr. Kurz said on page three of that issue that the increase of tendon stiffness from doing too high of a volume of plyometrics can be remedied by doing low resistance high reps: movements at a slow-to-moderate velocity with a slow eccentric phase--so the body part, with or without weight, is lowered slower than it is lifted. However, on page two within the same issue, Mr. Kurz says that stretching (dynamic or static) increases compliance of the MTUs. So why can't one just do stretching (dynamic or static) exercises only in order to remedy the downside of doing high volume plyometrics?
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