Eliminate Lordosis - Opinion on this plan?

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Eliminate Lordosis - Opinion on this plan?

Postby The_Adam » Oct 13, 2016 12:40


In the past couple of months I obtained slight strains a couple of times in my lower back muscles when doing bodybuilding weight training in the gym
(i always use correct technique and warm up :) )

Prior to these strains, i had taken on static active training by doing slow and controlled kicks with ankle weights (front kick and side kicks mainly)

These exercises made me control my kicks much better in karate class, but at the moment i think they have caused a strength imbalance.

I have some slight lumbar lordosis, and i am convinced this is the result of my front hip flexors becoming stronger than glutes and hams.

I think this is making me more prone to getting these strain injuries when doing bodybuilding exercises.

So i have decided to alter my training to address the problem as follows,
please let me know of your opinion on my below approach to correct this imbalance:

1: Replace all gym exercises with non-spine compression versions (e.g. instead of barbell squats, use leg press machine etc.)
2: Stop all static active kick training - i realise i was just training this way to show off holding my kick up :oops:
3: Enhance flexibility of front hip flexors by doing pnf front lunge stretch whenever possible.
4: Stop all gym exercises that may strenghten the front hip flexors.
5: Stop flexibility training on the hamstrings
6: Prioritise glute and hamstring resistance training in the gym to tighten these up.
7: continue pnf horse stance split training, and leg flies on the adductors
8: Perform every night, pelvic tilts, passive front lunge stretch, and shoulder dislocations with resistance band to fight shoulder slouching that comes with lordosis.

Many Thanks

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Re: Eliminate Lordosis - Opinion on this plan?

Postby Thomas Kurz » Oct 30, 2016 12:25

You are where you are because you didn't lay foundation for practicing kicks (and for weightlifting either). To lay that foundation, first follow advice at https://www.youtube.com/user/posturedoc and then, when ready, directions at http://www.stadion.com/sequence-of-cond ... l-artists/
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