yoga for weightlifting

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yoga for weightlifting

Postby max » Jan 15, 2005 09:03

:D Hi
I'm am not really interested in doing splits, rather in functional flexibility for weightlifting(anyway I think splits don't matter) in the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. I was thinking about practicing a bit yoga, but some say yoga is a no no if you wan't to develop strength, while I think this is a false statement, do you think it is an inferior way of stretching for weightliftingflexibility?

Postby mohammed » Jan 19, 2005 09:23

I think yoga is a very fine means for developping flexibility as it develops strength at the same time. As for splits etc; they are not important, here are many people who can do spectacular thing as chinese splits tc and still don't have dequate flexibility to do heavy lifting. 8)

Postby Tim... » Sep 07, 2006 05:48


Yoga is great for your body and alround flexibility. I advise everyone to give it a try, but it is a long process.

If you have specific flexibility requirements for your sport, you will definitely get quicker results using the methods advocated by Thomas Kurz. The methods will work for flexibility of any muscle group, not just those required for splits. Don't assume the book is all about the splits. That's mentioned alot for marketing reasons, but it's only s small aspect of what this guy is about.


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Postby tyciol » Dec 06, 2007 00:21

Yoga does not make you weaker, unless you're thinking of lifting weights directly after your yoga class or something. In the long run it probably makes you stronger. The only way it might make you weaker is if you do it in lieu of strength training, or if you go on some low-protein diet or whatever.
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