Thanks... And other questions on different Sports

Post questions and tips on how flexibility training fits with training for other abilities.

Thanks... And other questions on different Sports

Postby Siveal » May 20, 2006 00:02

Thanks for the clarification. I do see the relationship as to why this would be true then. I'm writing this in a new topic as not to derail the other one.

Does the book also contain what would be counteractive to each sport and which benefits from movements of each sport? I know there is an article that Mr. Kurz wrote about cross training and what different sport uses them.

My overall goal is in improving my running and swimming times but I do not want to be injured by improper training, flexibility, form, or lack of strength training. I'm also trying to improve my overall strengths in pushups, situps, and pullups.

I have been exercising regularly but I have switched focus from just strength training (assisted weights to free weights) to aerobic exercises and my flexibility over the last few years. I used to weight 215lbs when I was younger (around 16) and now at 23 I weight 164lbs. I feel completely different but now I feel I have wasted a big portion of my youth as not practicing enough strengthing (I used to play Football and Baseball back in Middle School and Highschool before I lost sight of my training).

I now lack a proper base to pull exercises for and how to organize them together to create a full body fitness program for myself. I do not have a specific sport to train in other then what I had mentioned but I thought since I was running and swimming I might as well toss a bicycle into the program since, I had thought, the extra resistance training would help.

I had thought of taking up a martial arts for an additional aerobic and strength training. I used to be a practictioner of Aikido but I did not find the particular style suited for me... Maybe a variant of Karate or Taekwondo? Would you recommend anything that would compliment my running, swimming, and strength training that I mentioned before? Something that I can perhaps that I can use, or supplement into my training?

Sorry for the long post.
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Postby dragon » May 20, 2006 04:41

Well first,congratulations on the big change you've made in your weight.Hind sight is a great thing.We can all look back and think we may have done things differently.You're never too old to start though.

The books(stretching Scientifically and Science of Sports Training) may use examples of different sports but don't analize each sport individually.The training principals can be applied to all sports.In Stretching Scientifically there are sample workout plans though(i believe swimming is one of them).

The thing i noticed about your post is that you want to perform many different activities with different goals.I think if you try and find workouts to achieve all this you find yourself confused and make life harder for yourself.

Personally,i train for myself.I have no interest in becoming World Kickboxing champ so i have have more freedom in my training rather than sticking rigidly to one goal.
This way i enjoy what i do which is the most important thing.

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