I have a problem!

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I have a problem!

Postby backinjured » Aug 21, 2006 14:05

I have a problem!

Since I don't have much money and a lot of things to pay, I've taken the decision that I'll bike to college during the fall, spring and summer. The parking fees are too high and a bus pass is also a bit expensive. But I know cycling isn't recommended for martial artists.

I want to train for flexibility but I know I won't have the time (and room) to stretch once I'm in college. So five days a week, twice a day, in the morning and in afternoon, I'll do 30 minutes of intense cycling.

What could I do to stay flexible, and to gain flexibility? How should I design my stretching program? And there's a gym not too far from home, I'm thinking of becoming a member. So I'd go weight lifting twice a week. There's a swimming pool too, maybe I'd go once a week. And after all this I'd like to find some time for my martial arts training.

Any tips? My main concern is because of the everyday cycling affecting my progress in flexibility and strength, and overall energy.

Thanks a lot

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Postby mat » Aug 21, 2006 14:17

Cycling is great for conditioning and fitness. If you want to maintain/improve your flexibility at the same time, just make sure you do a daily stretching routine (dynamic leg raises in particular).

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Postby backinjured » Aug 22, 2006 17:11

but should I do my training program without considering my cycling ? I mean, will my body get used to the cycling and I won't have to adapt the training I do (weight lifting, MA training, etc)?

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Postby dragon » Aug 24, 2006 09:07

Only you will be able to know if the workload is too great for you to still make gains.

The main thing you have to do is prioritise your training:-If you need to cycle to college then your training will have to revolve around that.For example,if you want to add mass it wouldn't make much sense to waste calories swimming.

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