knee safety!!

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knee safety!!

Postby D'Almeida » Sep 03, 2006 19:29

hi! before I ask you anything let me just say that you have an excellent forum right here! congratulations!! My question is this: when doing the so called "martial arts split", in terms of safety, what is the correct position for the front knee and the rear knee? (is it or is it not correct to bend the knees?and if so, which one can i bend and which one i cannot bend?)

thanks a lot :D
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Postby dragon » Sep 04, 2006 05:23

I personally keepboth legs straight and locked.

Some people say a slight bend in your rear leg is more comfortable.The problem is,people seem to have very different ideas about what a slight bend is.I've seen some people say they can perform a front split(martial arts split) but the rear leg is so bent and twisted it looks more like a seated hurdlers stretch.

I think the main thing is to ensure you lock your legs into position(whatever position you're comfortable with).Remember,your legs are supporting your torso in this split.If you aren't braced or locked you could cause damage(particularly to the rear knee).

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Postby DanBor » Sep 04, 2006 06:42

I keep my rear leg locked, but slight bend in the front leg - to feel more stretch on the hamstring and not on the connective tissue.
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Postby D'Almeida » Sep 04, 2006 08:08

thanks a lot! :D
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