side split after both Hip resurfacing?

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side split after both Hip resurfacing?

Postby isometric_max » Nov 10, 2010 09:02

is possible archieve a full side split with kurz method after the both Hip resurfacing - (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing)
if anyone has information or answers to this question, thank you very much
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Re: side split after both Hip resurfacing?

Postby cailifo » Dec 03, 2010 00:04

As I understand it, hip resurfacing does not alter much the structure of the hip joint. Hence "resurfacing" rather than "replacement". Of course, you know that, but my point is that what will determine whether or not you can perform a full split will still be the structure of your hip joints. That being said, can you perform the split tests now after your surgery? If so, then your hips have all the necessary mobility to perform the split and you should be able to achieve a full split using Kurz' method, as the only thing restricting you now is your nervous system which needs to be "reset".
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