Almost there, but not quite...

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Almost there, but not quite...

Postby Alex Terry, Surrey UK » Jan 23, 2004 12:32

Mr Kurz,

I have been a avid follower of you book AND video for some time now, and although your method has had a remarkable effect on my flexibility, I have hit a "wall" in my progress in both front and side split. I seem to be stuck at about 6" from full spilt, and no amount of perseverence seems to get beyond this sticking point. I not demoralised yet, but being so close, yet so far is frustrating. Help, please!!!

Alex Terry
Surrey, UK
Alex Terry, Surrey UK

Postby ucrhai007 » Jan 24, 2004 19:17

I am not Mr. Kurz, but I might know something. I don't know your true problem, but Mr. Kurz in his video Secrets of Stretching said that u will make some progress at first and then that progress will stop. Then he says that the more u strengthen your legs the more u will be able to stretch your legs. So to simply put it, u need to get your legs stronger for u to have a greater stretch. If u done all the conditioning Kurz told u to do before stretching, and u have been doing strength training on your legs, abs, and back, u will reach the splits sooner or later.
Good Luck!
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Postby WhiteLightning » Feb 25, 2005 11:06

I have read some where to do some heavy squats. So close, do you think its time to quit? NO CHANCE. I am 3 feet from completion. What do you think about that?
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Postby uss2048 » Nov 30, 2006 02:32

I suffered a hamstring tear all fours ago. It has not recovered fully. Right now, my side split stretch is about four inches from the floor. There was up and down in my side split stretch during these last four years. One reason is the strength of the corresponding muscles. Or you can say flexibility too. These two muscle attributes are highly related IMHO. Another reason is the starting position of the stretch. I do it with the feet pointing my front. I have tried the starting position with slight adjustment. For instance, with the thighs and knee caps pointing slightly upwards rather than straight to the front, the stretch can go further and easier. So I come to the realization that the stretch will be more difficult if the starting position is not quite correct. All in all, it coincides with the stretching articles by Mr. Kurz.

Yours truly,

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