Isometrics and muscle tremor

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Isometrics and muscle tremor

Postby Anomaly » Jul 09, 2008 09:21

You know when doing isometrics for instance with your arm and you tighten your muscles so the whole arm starts to tremble. Well I would like to know how (or the most efficient way) to train a muscle to make it vibrate even more (stronger and/or faster)? If I just keep doing the isometrics with maximum strength, will I be able to make it vibrate more or less in time? Do isotonic exercises help?

Maybe the muscle has to be tired and a little overtrained to achieve greater tremor? Maybe just practising isometrics (with maximum strength) helps because you develop greater strength which can help you produce a greater tremor?

And also an efficient way to train a muscle to start to tremor as much as possible in a very short time (like as soon as you contract the muscle and not minutes or seconds after contraction)?

I hope this is posted in the right place and that someone can at least direct me a bit. Any help appreciated.
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Re: Isometrics and muscle tremor

Postby elskbrev » Jul 12, 2008 16:45

How is tremor a good thing for gaining strength? Sure it happens in the normal course of isotonic (a.k.a "power lifting") when one gets near the breaking point, but isn't excessive fatigue like that something you want to avoid if your goal is efficient, rapid progress? When I hit that point, I know it means back off or get benched. Even in isometrics, where the tremor is expected, I wouldn't hold it for a great length of time if I wanted to avoid excessive muscle soreness or injury. Isn't it true that even an extremely well conditioned body builder can pull a tendon right off the bone in a strong isometric tension if he (or she) is not careful? Ok, I could be way off the mark, here, but that's my two cents. Comments, anyone?
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Re: Isometrics and muscle tremor

Postby Anomaly » Jul 19, 2008 09:34

elskbrev wrote:How is tremor a good thing..

It looks pretty. :) I'm not looking for a tremor exercise for gaining strength. I'm looking for a (certain) strength to do tremor or efficient exercises for making the tremor bigger. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.

I didn't mean for doing it for a long time, but like under a minute, 30 seconds, so I would say it's pretty safe, if you take it easy (not for too long, and not tightening the muscle too much if you have a lot of strength).

But the thing is, anyone can get a tremor in their leg or arm muscles, but it's hard to get it by flexing an ankle. And when you do get it, it's minimal. So, how to train a muscle to get a tremor like the leg and arm muscles (big, fast)? Is the difference just the strength?
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Re: Isometrics and muscle tremor

Postby tyciol » Oct 10, 2008 23:42

Vibration isn't exactly the best indicator of how hard you're tensing. You could be tensing extremely hard in agonist/antagonist pair, but equally in a balanced fashion, so that it does not move. There isn't any way for you to measure intensity other than an electrical readout, intution, or possibly watching how much the muscles bulge out.
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