Death of the Squat????

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Death of the Squat????

Postby Moni-T » Nov 19, 2009 05:05

I receive regular newsletters from Alwyn Cosgrove (someone I know Tom Kurz is a fan of). In one of the last e-mails I received he talks about how both he and Mike Boyle are now advocating not doing heavy regular squats. This is causing a lot of controversy and I just wondered what people thought about it. You can view the link here -

I am especially curious as to what Mr Kurz thinks of this as I know he is a strong advocate of heavy squats. Mr Kurz do you agree with this?


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Re: Death of the Squat????

Postby fox69 » Feb 11, 2010 04:14

I gave up regular squats a while back. I just ended up getting injured doing them one too many times. Because I am quite tall, I found that I was at a fairly significant leverage disadvantage and that other lifts such as deadlifts or leg press are more suitable for heavy lifting for me.

I still do 1 leg squats (aka pistols) which I like because you can really feel the differences in strength and range of movement between each side as well as other postural or stability differences. I'm sure I'll work on variations of the squat at some time in the future, but I don't feel it's been detrimental to avoid them over the past few years and there are plenty of alternatives.

Of course TK advocates comprehensively strengthening the lower back prior to squatting with heavier weights and also other exercises (such as hip adduction work), so not wishing to put words in anyone's mouth but presumably TK would still view squats as a valuable exercise for suitably prepared athletes on this basis?

Also a few people simply need to do them because they are an essential movement in their sport: powerlifters for example. Another reason to do them would be working at lighter weights as advocated in one of the books available here on the website, which outlines the use of timed sets of squats to develop explosive power for jumping sports.
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Re: Death of the Squat????

Postby tyciol » Jun 07, 2010 11:07

A big question with this is 'how heavy is heavy?'

I think there's a place for stuff like light squatting up to a point... like to prepare for pistol squats it seems sensible to be front squatting somewhere about your own bodyweight right?

I think this is perhaps more critical of a back squat than a front squat as you lean forward more so it is more strenuous on the lower back. We are more upright during a front squat therefore it's more of an overall core stability and pressurization issue than an erector spinae issue such as the back squat would be in a way analogous to a good morning or dead lift.
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