"prime movers"?

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"prime movers"?

Postby REG » Mar 21, 2011 22:15

In Mr. Kurz's articles and in his book, the Science of Sports Training, he explains that at the beginning of your long-term sequence of strength exercises, you should start strengthening your trunk (core muscles) before the "prime movers." He also says to start squats without weights right from the beginning of your strength training. However, wouldn't doing squats at the beginnning of your strength training, mean that you would actually be working the "prime movers" at the beginning of your long-term sequence of strength exercises? I am very confused?

Also, which muscles actually are precisely the "prime movers"?REG
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Re: "prime movers"?

Postby dragon » May 06, 2011 04:01

It's been a while since i've read SOST so not sure of the context...

Like it says,the squats are to be performed without weight.....This is quite different from doing a heavy barbell squat.

Learning correct technique and attaining a degree of conditioning with bodyweight only will prepare you better for when you are ready to start adding resistance.This is mentioned as far back as when Arnold Schwarzenegger first started training at age 15.

That's how i'm translating it from your post anyway.Hope this helps.

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