does high intensity resistance results in collagen growth?

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does high intensity resistance results in collagen growth?

Postby REG » Oct 03, 2011 13:43

I don't mean to question Mr. Kurz's sources on high reps increasing the structural-strength of muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments. However, according to NSCA's book on Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, "High-intensity anaerobic training results in connective tissue growth and other ultrastructural changes that enhance force transmission. Muscle hypertrophy in animals relates to an increase in the number and size of fibroblasts, thereby resulting in a greater supply of total collagen. Activation of fibroblasts and subsequent growth of the connective tissue network are prerequisites for hypertrophy of active muscle. This may explain why biopsies of trained athletes have shown greater total collagen but that the collagen content remains proportional to the existing muscle mass." Also, it says that "Exercise of low to moderate intensity does not markedly change the collagen content of connective tissue." So, is there some apparent contradiction between Mr. Kurz's sources and NSCA's sources?
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