How to fix a strenght imbalance?

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How to fix a strenght imbalance?

Postby johnbench110 » Nov 10, 2011 16:16

Dear Mr. Kurz,

doing single-leg squats on my left leg is much easier than on my right leg. Also there is a 1 cm difference in the circumference of my thighs (weaker leg is smaller)

How can I fix that?

Thank you, best regards
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Re: How to fix a strenght imbalance?

Postby dragon » Nov 17, 2011 04:32

For many people,the issues with single leg squats isn't about strength,it's about balance-

If you're right leg dominant,you will find it easier doing single leg squats with your left leg.....I'm left leg dominant so i find it easier doing pistols with my right leg.This is because when you throw a kick with your dominant leg(in my case,the left) my supporting leg is the right.So i find it easier to balance on that side for any other activity too.

As for the size difference-Everyone has one side smaller/weaker than another.1cm isn't anything to be concerned with.

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