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Form before function

Postby Preacher » Jul 25, 2005 13:18

Dragon, I believe you're right in saying that the majority of people like to train in comfort. "Hollywood Muscle" is a big thing these days, especially in California, where I live. All show and no go, or form before function. You'll rarely see a line at the chin up bar, although you will around the bench press area or any other exercise where you can lay down or sit back.
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RE: Kettlebells

Postby gpremo » Mar 09, 2007 16:24

As a relatively new RKC, I am biased towards KBs, and I would like to say just a couple of things.
1. I have never heard of anyone that has been properly instructed, and using the correct weight KB, to suffer any trauma in the upper or lower extremities or the spine. I don't know where they may have gotten this tidbit from except from conjecture.
2. Of course there is hype around promoting KBs. It's called marketing. The research is only now being initiated and data collected, but the anecdotal and empirical evidence speaks for itself. It isn't the only tool out there, but as a former ATC and CSCS I feel it is the most "functional" tool out there (and I hate to use that word as even that is getting to be a cliche).
3. With only two or three KBs you can pretty much do anything you want and have a complete training set at your disposal. I have traveled with a 16 kg and a 24 kg (airline, and at different times) and had all the "equipment" I needed to train with. I don't think you can say that with a Bowflex, Ab Lounge, weight rack, smith machine, whatever. It's practical, efficient, and for the money, a bargain. Just because it is just a hunk of iron doesn't mean it's overpriced (manufacturing, shipping, distibution, etc.) If someone is so inclined, there are new "Russian Reds" that are a more cost effective alternative available now.
Like I said, I am biased, but I've been around enough to know a good thing when I see, and lift, it. JMHO
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