weighted pushups

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weighted pushups

Postby DanBor » May 18, 2006 12:45

I was doing some push ups - I was experimenting a little. I have just done push ups with my girlfriend on my back. So I 'm curious, how much weight was I pushing : I weight around 72 kg, my girlfriend 55 kg. I assumed with regular push ups the weight is distributed 50 % on legs, 50 % so that's aprox. 35 kg (1/2 of my weight) + 55 kg = 95 kg total.

Is this correct?

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Postby dragon » May 19, 2006 05:31

Not sure if there would be an accurate way to work that out.

Because the end position of a standard push up has your feet lower than your straight arms i would assume the distribution of weight will be different than 50/50.

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Postby DanBor » May 19, 2006 13:17

I'm not sure, but I think with regular push ups weight is distributed equaly 50 - 50. If I had my arms on the bench than would be less on the arms, and if I had my legs up that would be more on the arms.

But that is also correct what you said, when arms are straight more weight is on the legs.

But still, exercise is very intense, I also try isometric contractions at the beginning and at the end of a push up and also tensing the abdomen, and it really becomes hard.
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