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Postby MONI » Aug 04, 2006 05:17


I am a breakdancer, but I regularly come on this website because of the amount of good advice and information I receive.

This time my question is this: how do I go from a headstand position to handstand and hold the handstand? At the moment I can push up into the handstand, but cannot seem to hold it. I can do a handstand on its own, by that I mean from standing upright.
Of course there is no substitute for practice, practice and more practice but can anyone give me suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong and any excersises to help me improve?

Regards and thanks in advance,

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Postby mat » Aug 04, 2006 06:06

I do gymnastics and it sounds like you are probably having difficulty maintaining your balance and handstand form during the transition (ie. keeping your abs tucked in).

Try practising handstand push-ups using the GTG (Grease That Groove) method.

In other words, do a few handstand pushups every hour or half hour - you should find that your balance improves very quickly. Also doing it against a wall helps you to practise without constantly falling over.

keep the reps to an easily manageable level - if you can manage 10 handstand pushups, then perhaps just do 5 every hour or half-hour, or even every 20 minutes if its just an evening.

I can't quite do a handstand pushup without support yet, but I've improved significantly after a few evenings doing this method.

Good luck,

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