Exercises for strengthening external rotators of the hip

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Exercises for strengthening external rotators of the hip

Postby pliskin » Sep 24, 2007 05:50

I tryed this exercise a few days ago that Mr. Kurz demonstrates on this video

http://www.stadion.com/videos/patellofe ... tation.wmv

and i can say it kicks a**!!!
I could hardly walk for next two days, guess i never used these muscles before in the right way. I do not know how but my hamstrings got the most lactic acyd burnout here, my hamstrings are still in pain as i sit now. It is a really good and useful exercise. I will have to do this more often, maybe with more weight (now i did it with 1,5kg weights).
It just rocks!
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Postby elskbrev » Sep 27, 2007 17:30

Thanks for your comments. When I looked at that exercise a while ago, I did not see "hamstrings" in it, but if it works that well, could be just what I need. :) The hip extensor exercise starting at about 2 minutes into the following video should also be effective for hamstrings: http://www.stadion.com/videos/patellofe ... ension.wmv
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