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Postby JediValley » May 29, 2017 05:38

My primary interest at this stage is the "true" (hips squared) front splits.

Then once I have achieved the front splits I would then move onto the back bend. Then after achieving that I would then move on to the side splits.

Currently I have trouble even imagining that I could do the side splits as I am 41 years of age and still unable to do the front splits after a few years of inconsistent training.

SO, I'm wondering:

1.) do you thoroughly cover how to achieve the front splits in your DVD ?

2.) is my approach (training the front splits first) logical, or doesn't matter either way (front splits or side splits first)?

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Postby Thomas Kurz » Aug 01, 2017 18:44

Follow the sequence show on Flexibility Express: first side splits, because they are easier, then front splits.
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