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Post questions and tips on right foods and right balance of nutrients for combat sports and martial arts, individual encounter games (for example, tennis), and team games.

atkins resources

Postby taylorwillix » Nov 03, 2004 18:37

Hey folks,
I was just wondering if the material in the AtkinsDVD covers everything in Dr. Atkins book. Realizing of course that if I wanted to read the entire book I could, but I figured I'd draw on all ya'll knowledge. I think it's great, but I'd still like to ask anyone who has both if I'm missing anything.


Postby mmeloon » Nov 07, 2004 15:09

Persuing a low-carb diet is not such a good idea if you are planning on particpating in combat sports, individual encounter sports, team games, or pretty much any other activity besides sitting on your butt watching TV. Carbohydrates provide the necessary fuel for athletic activities and it is the brain's preferred energy source. Carbs are not evil -- highly-processed nutrient-poor food is. You don't need any of Atkins Corp's products to tell you what to eat, there are tons of good references for free on the web (a good start would be World's Healthiest Foods).

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Postby Guest » Nov 07, 2004 20:07

Well said! Totally agree. Studies show that although people on Atkins may lose weight quickly in the initial months, the diet actually has detrimental effects on your health soon after. Atkins is definately something to avoid.

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