Applied kinesiology

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Applied kinesiology

Postby xander » Jan 08, 2004 15:42

There are 2 AK practitioners in my area that I can get to to treat my lower back injury.

One has the letters "D.O." after his name, and the other has "D.C."

Can someone tell me what these mean, and which would be best to go to?

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Postby xander » Jan 15, 2004 14:02

I found out that DC means chiropractor, and DO means medical doctor.

I have made an appointment with the DO after phoning for more info. I am a little dubious about what can be done for my injury, but I hope for the best and will update here what happens.
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Postby Nightshade » Jan 16, 2004 01:52

Good luck Xander, I wish you the best.

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DO vs DC

Postby Guest » Jan 21, 2004 19:01

I have been studying for just over a year now the differences between the usefullness of a Chiropractor vs a Medical Doctor. I must say that I am amzed at the findings. There is certainly a place for each so I will not discount one over the other for all reasons. However, after reading through literally hundreds upon hundreds of case studies in chiropractic health from the US and European chiropractic associations, I am firmly rooted in a belief of Chiropractic care FIRST. I must point out that not all Chiropractors are not alike. There are quacks in either field. I am astonished to find similar education levels in both fields with slightly different emphasis based on field of study. The Chiropractors I am currently working with have an advanced understanding of pressure points, nerve and muscular structures as do many Medical Doctors. The main difference I see is in the speed of recovery through Chiropractic care. Never once have I been advised to consume any type of medication to combat pain or discomfort. Each visit leaves me feeling better than when I walked in. Continued therapy and understanding of my own structure has created a health base I have never before known. The side effects of such care are all positive and not negative. Some of the side effects which I never sought attention for include almost perfect balance, undisturbed and complete sleep, lower blood pressure, drastically reduced health costs, increased range of motion, and a true serenity inside from even moods.
What I am trying to say altogether is that this martial artist of 35 years wishes he would have found this information out 35 years ago or sooner. I highly recommend chiropratic care to all who prefer a healthy lifestyle before any surgery or medication is considered. I have personally witnessed health return to many bodies that medical doctors said could not happen without surgery or at all. Thankfully some dear friends trusted me enough to check it out before surgery. None of those I have advised to seek the Chiropratic family I deal with has been unhappy with the choice to do so. So far as I know, none of them has returned to medical doctors they were seeing for whatever ailed them either. I can't imagine changing my opinion by reading more case histories from either side. But, I will repeat, there is a need for Medical Doctors as well. I just think as intelligent beings we owe it to ourselves to let our bodies function as they were intended to before we make adjustments to what we cut in or medicate our troubles.
Good luck to all those seeking health.
Highest regards....Dragonno

Postby xander » Jan 21, 2004 22:01

thanks for the input, it did sound like an advert for chiros tho!

Anyway, I will recount my experience after my fist appointment with the AK guy:

It turns out, I didnt know before the appointment that he is also a specialist in many other therapies, like chiropractic, massage, bach herbal and flower remedies, osteopathy, as well as AK, and he combined them as necessary to help the parients disorder. This made me feel even more confident that he could help me.

The session had some similarities to my chiropractic sessions, except this guy explained what he was doing, and talked to me wheras my previous chiropractor didnt. As well as spinal manipulations, he did a few other things one of which was a muscle test wherby I would hold my fingers together, and he would test their strength in certain situations.

I was a bit skeptical about how this could work, but I went with it.

Overall, I came out feeling better, and am very glad I went. In case any of you are considering visiting him, and are in the nearby area, he is the practitioner in Ealing broadway, London, UK as listed in the ICAK website, and comes with my recomendation. the best thing was he didnt say i had to come back for X sessions, and try to leech money out of me, he just said I can come back if i want more treatment.

My problem is stil not 100% gone, and I think thats partly to do with having weak back muscles, so I want to strengthen them, but I feel deadlifts are a bit too advanced for me, so I need to start slowly. i am doing some core stability exercises on a Swiss ball.

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Postby Woz » Jan 24, 2004 19:26

These are some great back exercises. I know they don't look much but they really do help.,6916,s1-1-0-0-662,00.html

Postby xander » Jan 25, 2004 10:52

thanks woz, those exercises seem helpful.
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exercises from book 'Low back disorder'

Postby piyushj » Oct 31, 2005 15:46

see article "Ounce of Prevention-Advanced Lumbar Stabilization Exercises" for exercises given in book Low back disorders:Evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation

also see his previous articles...
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Postby xander » Nov 01, 2005 09:55

Just to let you know my back is a lot better now.

No pain and full mobility! the nly thing I get is if i do a lot of exercise or stand up for a long time my lower back feels very tight and a bit sore.

if I then bend forward and lean to the side, like I am trying to stretch my hip abductors, the sides of my lower back make cracking noises and it feels better!

I cant explain this!

Another point is that I have recently started yoga lessons, and they really manipulate your spine in all directions, in a slow and controlled manner, and I feel great afterwards!
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Postby Tomgh » May 13, 2006 09:09

I have a question about Applied Kinesiology.

I have a pain in my hip. It comes from wrong technique of my kicks.
I ignored the pain for quite a while, (like a year). But now its to bad and I had to stop doing TKD.

I read thrue the Q&A on this site, about injuries. And I saw that Kurz advices most people to go to an AK.
Now what I want to know.
Can I just ask my docter to send me to one?
I looked at and came to a dutch site about AK.
It has a list with docters in my country. And they all have different titels.
This is whats on the site:

How do I know to which one I should go?
Which docter would know best how to tread a hip injurie?
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