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Postby C.Marivs » Jun 07, 2009 18:48

Generally speaking, sit-ups are not in vogue now. Do you use them? If you use good form (slowly, make sure that head leaves the floor first and comes back to the floor last), is it still recommended exercise to keep your guts nice and strong or should I spend time doing something else (planks, V up etc).


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Re: Sit-ups

Postby CSta » Jun 08, 2009 09:18

On mindless utilization of in-vogue exercises, read Kurz's May 22, 2009, blog entry.

Prior to taking a break to rehabilitate some muscle imbalances, I performed a great number of unweighted sit-ups, up to 500 in a set, and I performed weighted sit-ups (heavy dumbell on my chest). When I return to my normal workouts, I plan on doing the same. Importantly, I was performing these sit-ups because they were consistent with my objectives: to begin building strength and endurance in my abdominals and hip flexors for martial arts kicking. Are there more difficult exercises for building abdominal and hip flexor strength? Yes. But, at the time those exercises were not appropriate at my stage of training.
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Re: Sit-ups

Postby elskbrev » Jun 21, 2009 17:36

Exercises fall out of vogue that require prerequisite conditioning or strength. Conventional situps are one of those. "To remain free from injury, do crunches..." Good advice for persons out of shape, or folks with chronic back problems, I suppose.

If one's hip flexors or lower back are weak, one should strengthen them before doing conventional situps (feet braced).

There is a progression in abdominal work: (1) crunches & reverse crunches, (2) situps with knees bent and feet not braced (most or all the way up; touch hands to knees; doesn't really matter where your hands start as long as you don't pull on your neck), (3) situps with feet braced and/or added weight or incline, (4) v-situps. Maybe v-situps should precede weighted conventional situps; they're both difficult, "effective" exercises.

It is important to strengthen the lower back, hip flexors and obliques from the beginning of your abdominal work. Planks, back extensions and leg raises are important to round out your program.

The V-situp is an advanced move. Do a modified v-situp if you are just beginning or not yet strong enough so that you don't pull a groin muscle or injure your lower back--you can rest back on your elbows and raise one leg at a time or both.

I hope this is helpful.

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Re: Sit-ups

Postby tyciol » Jun 07, 2010 12:33

Here is a direct link to the May 22 2009 entry: ... gs-go-fad/
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