Best Knee Exercises

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Best Knee Exercises

Postby backinjured » Mar 03, 2006 20:13

What are the best exercises to build strong knees?

I already know Hindu Squats and Lunges. The normal squats too, but maybe too risky... So what would be the other great exercises?

P.S. Oh and what's that rule of weight lifting and age? A teenager or young adult should not lift more than _????_ % of his bodyweight.
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Postby dragon » Mar 04, 2006 05:59

It's not how many exercises you do,it's the benefits you get.
Like you say,the squat,hindu squat,and lunge are already great exercises.If you perform these correctly you should get all the training you require.

For weight training Thomas Kurz says:-

"Children 13 to 14 years old should refrain from lifting more than 50% of their body weight. (This limitation is the reason I advise young people, whose skeletons have not matured yet, to refrain from isometric stretches, in which one can generate more tension than when lifting 50% of one's body weight.)"

As for "young adults".My definition of a young adult would be 18-21.If this is your definition too then i would say there is no rule about how much they should/could lift.

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