Static-active stretching questions

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Static-active stretching questions

Postby Superfoot » Nov 13, 2008 07:13

Good morning.

I have the following questions on static-active stretching:

1. Can I do relaxed stretches before static-active stretches? (Example: side split relaxed stretches before side kick static-active stretches?)

I ask this because in the example gymnastics workout outlined in Stretching Scientifically, the illustrations depict the gymnast performing side split stretches before the main part of the workout (training the side split).

2. How many times a week can I do static-active stretches - are they similar to relaxed stretches in that they can be done any time of the day 7 days a week, or are they more like isometric stretches in that they require a period of rest between applications?

3. Can I do static-active stretches when I am still sore from a previous workout?

4. Can I use ankle weights during static-active stretches?

5. Are there any negative physiological effects from trying to hold static-active stretches for up to five minutes?

6. Is it possible to display maximum static-active flexibility without a warm-up (similar to displaying static-passive and dynamic flexibility without a warm-up)?

Here is some basic information about me: I'm a martial arts forms (kata) competitor and being able to hold my leg up in the air is the primary demand of my sport. I can kick my own head height following a warm-up; my goal is to be able to hold a side kick with proper form at shoulder height for at least ten seconds without a warm-up.

Any advice on the above questions is appreciated.
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