Frontsplit compared to Frontkick Technique

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Frontsplit compared to Frontkick Technique

Postby Tomgh » Feb 13, 2011 06:42


I've practiced a lot of Taekwondo, and due to bad instruction I've gained a lot of injuries. I had very bad technique with my kicks.
I've done a lot of research, and am stil learing a lot.

In time I found out the muscles in the front of my hip were lacking flexibility/

I was able to do sidesplits, and always thought that I was very flexible. I almost could do a front split like this:
My rear foot on its side and my rear knee facing the side.

Due to this lack of flexibility I had to compensate and use other muscles while doing 'for example' front kicks. My lower back would have to rotate forward in order to get the kick high. And something else....

When I search for a front split in google image search I find a lot of good looking picture. Of girls doing ballet, gymnastics or joga.
The knee is faced down and the hips are aligned (or almost aligned)

When doing wrong you use the wrong set of muscles at the stretch, I'll demonstrate in this vaguely wrong frontsplit:
Muscles in the red area are stretched instead of the muscles in the green area, that should be stretched when performing a good frontsplit.

I believe a frontkick/ frontraise/ frontsnap should look exactly the same. Hips aligned, supporting foot facing forward.
But when I search for frontkick, its extremely hard to find one thats been done *the right* way.
Few examples of hips not aligned and using different muscles.

I photoshoped circles in this image to demonstrate that the hips are far from aligned:

This gets me to one of the following conclusions; either
1) Taekwondo-/ MA-sts lack an eye for technique and precision/ perfection and are happy as long as they get their foot up high.
2) A frontsplit can't be compared to a frontkick. But in that way.. why did I get injured? Why does the lack of frontsplit flexibily causes me a lot of pain?

I would like to hear your opinion.

PS. Here is the only one frontkick image I found that I think has proper technique:

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