Position of Supporting Foot in Roundhouse kick

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Position of Supporting Foot in Roundhouse kick

Postby wynnema » Nov 16, 2006 08:00

I was working on my roundhouse Kick last night experimenting with a few foot positions after watching the Power High Kick Video from Stadion. I have always struggled with the height of this kick but realised last night that I have probably been overturning my hips all these years - worrying too much about rotating the supporting foot to around 180 degrees – which is the way I have been taught. I tried chambering more to the front with the supporting foot only rotated by say 100 degrees and found the kick much easier, higher and controlled – if less powerful. I think the way I have been taught is the traditional WTF TKD technique which is a powerful kick but unless you have an extraordinary range of motion in the hips, you will struggle to get this above shoulder height.

Does anyone have any comments on this?
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Postby T-Man » Nov 17, 2006 02:13

Hi Wynnema,

That´s the way (degrees) I´ve always used too. I´ve had same kinda problems too: I tend to lose balance if I try to turn (with force) supporting leg more than that, so I just stick into that degree because that felt the best and natural.
(sometimes depending the situation it "may turn more", but I don´t pay too much attention to it anymore)

Good news is that also Mac seems to kick with less than 180 degrees in Power High Kicks... :wink:
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