General periodization plans for combat athletes

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General periodization plans for combat athletes

Postby bowlie » Mar 24, 2013 08:17

Im a martial artist (currently doing taekwondo and boxing, have done BJJ in the past and am planning on starting judo and karate in a few weeks) and im trying to put together a full strength and conditioning program. It seems like the obvious progressions are for power


And conditioning

Low intensity Aerobic endurance (aerobic base / cardiac output work) e.g. light jogging for an hour or more
Medium intensity Aerobic work (Lactic threshold work) e.g. jogging at lactic threshold for 20 mins
Lactic Power work e.g. 3 min runs with complete rest between reps (to mimic sport specific rounds)
Lactic Capacity work e.g. 3 min runs with a min rest (incomplete rest)
High intensity Aerobic work for muscular endurance (HIIT Intervals to trigger aerobic/oxidative adaptions in fast twich fibers)

The problem im having is putting both plans together. Would you run these programs side by side, or alternate?
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