recovery from surgery

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recovery from surgery

Postby tsdsensei » Oct 25, 2004 20:24

I know a Dr should answer this but the specifics have been asked and not received as even sports surgeons are not that familiar with black belts who train and teach for a living. I just had arthoscropic surgery on my knee and had meniscus pad cut out and some other tissue and loose tissue trimmed out. In some spots the surface on the bones is very thin and showing signs of beginning arthritis. I would appreciate any advice on returning to training in order to find a balance between not going to fast and not just sitting on my can not working hard enough. I am 50 and need to train smart. I have the stretching book and the power high kicks (just purchased video). When it comes to martial arts I find Dr, chiropractors, etc. are better prepared to give canned answers that may fit a weekend athlete or a high school soccer player not a full-time martial artist instructor. Should I consider ever attempting to do weight lifting with my lower body such as squats, leg press's, leg extensions or do I pass on all these. I had done hindu squats prior to surgery but in pain as the injury had occured prior to using them. I want to soon return to stretching and kicking and begin some rehabilitation tomorrow but I need some feed back from people who are experts in this field and martial arts as well. What about the weights and stretching and how soon? TSD Sensei
I am a 49 year old martial artist with 32 years & 5 black belts. I teach Tang Soo Do with a little Wado-ryu. Being 49 I can always use suggestions on training methods that work for my age without overdoing it.
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