Best way to gain some weight?? (both muscle and fat)

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Best way to gain some weight?? (both muscle and fat)

Postby Iceman » Oct 14, 2006 14:32


I'm taking some milkshake since last Tuesday (5 days ago) and I already gained 1,5 kg.
These shakes include about 1200 calories each and I take them 3x a day.
The shakes includes: Milk, Jelly, Peanutbutter, Icecream and WheyProtein.

# I ALWAYS had problems with eating, as my stomach is always filled WAY too soon. So I'm already happy that I can put on some weight with these milkshakes.

- ATM I only weigh 57 kg and I want to go to 70 (70 seems to be nice as my length is 180 cm... yes I know I have HUGE underweight)

Now my questions are:

- what's the best way in order to achieve my 70 kg?

1) Just continue these milkshakes and put on some weight... and than at about 65 kg start some muscle-training?

2) Or do you recommend me to immediately start muscle-training in order to convert all the extra calories into muscle-build?


Maybe to you guys it sounds realy stupid, but I don't know what's the best way to do it...

Thanks in advance...
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Postby DanBor » Oct 16, 2006 07:57

I would recommend to start with weights as soon as possible.

I would drop jelly and ice cream from your shakes (ice cream is the worst thing you can have).

You should eat only good food - a lot of it.

Optimal caloric intake to support optimal growth for your bodyweight (125lbs) is 2600 kcal. This should allow you to gain 2-3 pounds per month. If you are gaining more than this you are adding fat.
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Re: Best way to gain some weight?? (both muscle and fat)

Postby alkalinelife421 » Mar 07, 2009 07:51

if you've had trouble putting on weight, i'd suggest 2 things might be the cause.....

1) you might have parasites that are in your stomach, eating your food. i know, sounds gross, but they exist. go to the health food store and ask them what they recommend for getting rid of them.
2) you might be too acidic internally. try eating more fruits & veggies, because they contain more nutrients, which means your body gets more bang for the buck. your body needs vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to add muscle to your body, and high-nutrient foods, loaded with vitamins are the best way to go. an alkaliking drink, like barley grass powder, (i use alka green - google it) would help with you get lots of vitamins w/o filling u up cuz you just mix it with apple juice and drink.

good luck!
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