How is this exercise routine?

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How is this exercise routine?

Postby JediValley » Aug 07, 2017 04:14

Dear Sir,
I have bought your book and DVD (Stretching Scientifically and Flexibility Express) and am sincerely impressed and grateful to come across your work, thank you.

Please let me know what you think about the following workout that I have put together based on your approach. I'm 41 and aim to achieve the side splits in 3 months, before my first child is born. I follow this routine 3 times per week and have done it now for 3 weeks and feel as if it is effective, with some noticeable improvement, not much thus far:

Beginning late July 2017
Side splits

Warm up and session

Trying to keep it not too long...

#1 MOVE...
Moving the joint in circular motion 5x each way
****hips (hip circles)
*****knees (one at a time)
*******squat and reach up x 5 each

Marching knee raises 30 – 50 each

Front leg swings x 40 – 30
Front leg swings x 30 – 20 with rear leg swings x 2 sets
Side leg swings x 20 – 10 (knee up position) x 2 sets
Side leg swings x 15 – 20 (knee to side/front position) 2 – 3 sets


10KG squat, forward bend overhead press x 10 x 1 set
1. 5 step wide horse stance – no weight x 20 shallow squats for warm up
2. 5 step wide squat spider sides (cossack squat lunges side to side) x 10 reps each side

3. 5 step deep squat x 15 reps x 1 or 2 sets

Note: in the above exercise you can stay in the squat, allow your upper body to go forward and then straighten it, hips/butt moves back for one rep, and continue for 20 – 15 reps. Stay in the strenuous position (hips back) for at least 15 seconds on final rep
4. 5 step straddle overhead press squats – 8KG each hand or more x 10 – 15 reps x 2 sets
5. 5 step deep squat – 10KG x 10 reps – 15 x 2 sets

7 step wide horse stance contractions for 10 seconds x 5 contractions x 2 – 5 sets

2KG each x 15 x 1 or 2 sets

Revised again 12/08, 16/08, 22/08

Online Kurz says doing isometric stretching 4 or 5 times per week is fine, at different tensions: ... chedule-1/
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Re: How is this exercise routine?

Postby Thomas Kurz » Sep 07, 2017 17:10

If this routine works for you, then it is Ok. If it has lost its effectiveness, then increase resistance in squats--but only as much as you can while keeping good form without difficulty. The right amount of resistance helps to increase your ROM, i.e., makes your squats deeper SAFELY. An excessive amount of resistance keeps your squats from getting deeper--too much weight to relax at the bottom of the squat.
Thomas Kurz
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