joint cracking of fingers, toes, neck & back

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joint cracking of fingers, toes, neck & back

Postby jd5am » Jun 09, 2006 11:42

Does anyone know the reason why I continue to crack my fingers, toes, neck and back intensely?? I suspect it's linked to how tense my body is (based on an earlier article I read on this forum).

Is there a repercussion to doing this - e.g. will I end up getting arthiritis or osteoporosis?

Are there any exercises I can do to eliminate this intense cracking?
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Postby dragon » Jun 10, 2006 05:13

There can be different reasons for jionts making a cracking or popping sound.

The most common are gas being released and tendons returning to their original position after being moved.

Sometimes the noises may be a symptom of something else but usually they are harmless.

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Postby backinjured » Jun 13, 2006 07:51

it's harmless if you do it the right way
you should pull your fingers but do not press firmly on your knucles
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Postby mat » Jun 13, 2006 11:51

My understanding is that if you exercise & work your your hands intensely (especially if you are a martial artist and are always making fists, doing press-ups on knuckles and fingertips etc) then it is a good idea to "crack your knuckles" from time to time to relax & loosen the joints and actually avoid arthritis later in life.

However as a general rule for non-sporting types and office workers, its probably not a good idea to do it as it could damage weak joints.

This is just my stance on it at the present time - pls correct me if you think I am wrong!!!

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